The original game of Highest Bidder contains enough Effect Cards to keep the game balanced, challenging and varied. But if you’re a hardcore player you may want to spice up the game with these two booster packs!


Adds brand new Effect Cards to your original deck, a new type of Point Cards that you DON’T want to win, and extra Bid Cards.

+ SWAP: Swap the top cards of two players of your choice.
+ DOUBLE UP: Increase the value of your most recent Bid Card.
+ REVERSE & DISCARD: Reverse the direction of play. The next player in turn must discard a card from their hand.
+ MINES: Added to the deck of Point Cards, these cards halve the current score of the player who “wins” the bid. Avoid at all cost!
+ ADDITIONAL BID CARDS, including a brand new card with a value of 6!


Adds a brand new type of card that is played directly from the hand rather than as part of a bid, a new type of Point Cards and a joker-style type of Bid Card.

+ SHIELD: Discard an Effect Card.
+ DRAW TWO: Draw two extra cards to your hand.
+ TOTALLY POINT CARDS: Point Cards that require a specific bid value to win. You don’t need to be the highest bidder, just as close as possible to the number on the card.
+ JOKER BID CARDS: You decide the value of this card, from 1 to 5. You do not need to decide until all cards have been revealed.

The booster packs are sold together at The Game Crafter. Buy them here.

Suggest new cards:

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